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A snom Desk Phone for Any Need, Any Budget
Wednesday, May 30th, 2012 | Microsoft Lync, PoE, SIP, snom, snom 300, snom 320, snom 370, snom 3xx, snom 720, snom 760, snom 7xx series, snom 821, snom 870, snom 8xx series, snom m9, VARs, VoIP Phones

By Tommy Lee, snom’s Director of Partner Alliances

People are always asking me to explain the differences between the phone models in the snom portfolio, so I wanted to share with the snom Channel community this helpful SIP Desk-phone Comparison matrix I use with our VAR partners and end customers to break down the top line features of snom’s desktop business phones.

The snom 3xx series is our first and is our most popular, but the newer snom 7xx and snom 8xx series are ramping up quickly. Here is a closer look at each of the snom phone series:

snom 3xx series

The snom 3xx series phones are our lowest cost phones and have what I like to call the ‘core’ telephone features such as conference, transfer, multiple lines appearance, speakerphone and also PoE which has growing importance to today’s business customers.

  • The snom 300 is our most basic and lowest cost model (lists for $129).
  • The snom 320 is multi-line phone (12 lines) with common features such as transfer, forward and speed dial.
  • The snom 370 has more productivity features such as a large graphical display for call lists, address books and caller information which is customizable via a built-in XML mini browser. It supports internal Open VPN for more secure applications.

snom 8xx series

The snom 8xx series offers more advanced features, memory and processing power than the snom 3xx series. We added a color display, included more soft key functionality and increased to a Gigabit interface.

  • Gigabit speed enables users to take advantage of the higher network performance.
  • A wireless LAN interface eliminates the need for any physical cabling.
  • Color screens allow users to view directories and color-coded presence status information when the phone is associated with Microsoft Lync.
  • There are two models in this series, the snom 821 and the snom 870, that adds a touch-screen capability.

snom 7xx series

The snom 7xx series is our newest series and falls between the snom 3xx and snom 8xx series in terms of price and functionality. These stylish models combine the best, most desirable features of each of the previous series all rolled these into one.

  • The snom 720 targets the everyday business users with functionality similar to the snom 3xx series phones by adding 18 programmable keys and high end performance of the snom 8xx series
  • The snom 760 targets the visual user, incorporating advanced functionality of the 8xx series including a color display for viewing XML-based data and caller images from the user’s address book.

Besides these SIP phones, snom also has several other business phones within its portfolio including the snom MeetingPoint conference phone and the snom m9 wireless DECT phone. I tell resellers and distributors all the time there is really no reason to look further than snom due to our breadth of endpoints. snom has it all in terms of style, capabilities and price point.

To learn more about our complete line of desk phones please visit snom.com and for a deeper dive on our products, please check out our collection of webinars, case studies and white papers on snom Channel.


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